Animated SA Movie Kalahari to Compete with HollywoodAnimated SA Movie Kalahari to Compete with Hollywood

Animated SA Movie Kalahari to Compete with Hollywood


Animated SA Movie Kalahari to Compete with Hollywood

It's a green light for another contender for the first South African animated full feature movie - KALAHARI. It will be produced locally by an all South African production team. The humorous, heart warming movie is set to be released internationally by a major US distributor and will compete against Hollywood studios with box office hits like "Nemo", "Shrek", "Over the Hedge" and "Ice Age".


The project, which has been under wraps during its lengthy research and development phase, that took the better part of 2006, has the who's who of South African film/animation and music talent behind it. This A-list creative team that possess a collective two dozen prestigious industry awards (including an Emmy and a silver Lion) were assembled by Hollywood producer Laszlo Bene.


Bene says financing for the $23 million feature has been partially provided by a private consortium of investors located in Johannesburg and in part by offshore interests.


Kalahari is set for International release in 2009.




The hero of the story is Crash, an orphaned teenage cheetah, that has a major disability: He's the fastest cat in all of Africa but he can't corner to save his life. After loosing his mother in a brush fire, Crash is taken in by a family of meerkats who try to teach him how to be a cheetah (from a meerkat's point of view). Eventually Crash realizes that the only way he can solve his cornering problem is by finding his "chee" (his inner spirit). He sets out to the far corners of the Kalahari Desert with his friends, the meerkats, and his chaperone - the dung beetle that has special powers. What follows is a journey full of fun, danger and adventure as Crash and his friends make their way through the desert, meeting its most curious inhabitants.



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The hero of the article is Bang, an orphaned teenage cheetah, that has a extensive handicap: He's the fastest feline in total of Africa however he can't nook to rescue hellos autobiography. pink ties


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